Foie gras is a delicate and richly flavoured local product. Mead, on the other hand, is a more or less sweet (depending on its honey concentration) and slightly acidic drink. To match them, it is important to find a balance between the flavours so that one does not dominate the other.

Here are some suggestions for matching foie gras and mead :

  • Whole foie gras and mead: Serve your foie gras chilled with toasted bread and a glass of smooth mead. The sweetness of the mead will go well with the richness of the terrine. Soft mead will replace the classic sweet white wine and will allow you to discover new flavours.
  • Toast with foie gras and mead: Toast slices of bread, spread some foie gras on top and add a dash of mead. The sweetness of the mead blends well with the rich flavour of the foie gras.
  • Pan-fried foie gras and caramelised apples with mead: Fry slices of foie gras in a pan until golden, then add caramelised apples. Deglaze with mead to balance the flavours.
  • Pan-fried foie gras and mead reduction: Fry foie gras cutlets in a hot pan and serve with a mead reduction for a sweet and sour flavour.