Black Tapenade 80g

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Black Tapenade 80g
  • Black Tapenade 80g
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The great classic of the aperitif, much appreciated on toast or in a mixed salad. The black tapenade, a product rich in flavours and Provençal traditions, is much appreciated by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.
A black tapenade made in the traditional way: mixed black olives (but not too much!), capers, anchovy cream and olive oil.
The black tapenade can be used in several ways. You can spread it on toast or crackers for a tasty aperitif, use it as a sauce to accompany pasta or rice dishes, or make a marinade for grilled meats or vegetables.

The word "tapenade" comes from the Provençal word "tapéno", which means "capers".
The history of tapenade goes back to antiquity, when the Greeks and Romans already consumed olive-based preparations. The recipe for the tapenade as we know it today appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.
The making of the black tapenade begins with the preparation of the olives. First they are pitted and then finely chopped. Crushed garlic, anchovy fillets, capers and olive oil are then added. The mixture is blended until it is smooth and homogeneous.

Data sheet

Black olives 79%, olive oil, capers in vinegar (SULFITES), garlic, anchovy cream (anchovies (FISH), olive oil, vinegar (SULFITES), salt, spices), aromatic plants